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Tucker Lehr

Senior Guide

Latitudes Outfitting Co. - Tucker Lehr

At 29 years young, fishing and hunting is all I’ve ever known. I was born and raised  in Hamilton, Montana. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have had such incredible parents that supported my brother and I in any outdoor activity we ever chose to pursue whether it was a school sport, hunting, fishing, skiing, mountain biking, my parents were there to help teach us. Since I could walk, I’ve been attached at the hip to the outdoors.


After being a Wildland Firefighter for 6 years with the USFS, I decided to hang up the boots to chase a dream that I had always put off. I could never really commit to making my hobbies work in fear of ruining what I’ve loved and done since a kid.


Now going on my 6th year as a guide with Latitudes, I can say that taking a risk and trying to make my dream a reality in doing what I love everyday and sharing that with people every chance I get, was the best decision and leap of faith that I have ever made. I have created endless relationships and memories with people in the last 6 years of guiding hunting and fishing that are irreplaceable. I wouldn’t trade this life for the world.  My respect and appreciation for the wildlife that inhabits this earth has grown tremendously every year of my life. Our natural resource is what supports my way of living and for this I take every aspect of it very seriously. The health and management of our wildlife is just as important to me as my own family. Without it, we wouldn’t exist as human beings today.  


My hope for the future is to continue thriving, teaching, and sharing in these incredible experiences with people from all over the world until the day I die. 

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