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Robert Gary


Robert gary latitudes outfitting company

I was a lucky one. Since the time I was child, I knew what I wanted do. I wasn’t sure about the questions of how, where or when, I just knew I was going to fish and hunt for the rest of my life. Over 30 years later, I have created my reality and have been given a life to live outdoors. Blessed to grow up in a hunting and fishing family that encouraged my interests, even as a child, I truly knew what passion felt like. 

Over 20 years ago, I made my home here in Montana. I started guiding out of the pure love of continuing to experience those special moments in nature and I feel that is what has made a difference in transposing my philosophies, values and principals to my clients. As time passed, I wanted to make sure that if I couldn’t be the one to share this world all the time with my guests, then I would cultivate a group of dedicated, passion driven, like-minded people who could help me deliver those same feelings to folks from across the globe. I realized that there was a needed niche in our outfitting and guiding world to assemble only certain men and women who could not only deliver my message, but who live it on a daily basis. 


I have hand picked every person who represents my company, and myself. They are, simply put, the finest guides in the industry and I am sincerely willing to guarantee it. Thanks to my talented and dedicated staff, I now operate one of the most successful outfitting businesses in Western Montana, with over 85% repeat clientele annually. We have stayed at the forefront of our industry and continue to strive to always do better to deliver customer satisfaction while maintaining our integrity and the love of the game we play. I have no reservations about saying that Latitudes Outfitting Co. will remain at the top of our business to bring the next generations into the world of outdoors that we truly love unconditionally.

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