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Josh Rokosch

Senior Guide

Josh Rokosch of Latitudes Outfitting Company

I was born in Missoula, MT and am going on 36 years old. I started fly fishing at age 12 and have spent the last 24 years fly fishing Montana’s rivers, streams, and lakes. 

The 2023 season will mark my 9th season as a guide as well as my 9th season with Latitudes’s Outfitting Co. Prior to my career as a guide I spent 8 seasons working with the US Forest Service. Specifically working in Fisheries biology. I acquired a vast knowledge of trout, trout habitat, stream ecology, and river dynamics. 

My boat often consists of a dog on board. An array of cold beverages. An endless selection of flies for every possible situation. Good vibes and a positive mindset. I approach every guide trip with a no trout left behind mentality.

As an avid bow hunter September is not the month to book me. As I can not be found near the rivers and will most definitely be deep in the mountains of Montana pursuing elk with bow in hand. 

My free time growing up was spent on the river or in the mountains fishing, hunting, hiking, or snowboarding. I started coaching snowboarding and skiing lessons in the winter of the ‘04/‘05 season. Years later I was certified as a Level 3 instructor. This process taught me a great deal in both teaching concepts as well as learning concepts that have transferred over to my guiding. 


I enjoy sharing moments with others on the river and watching different anglers progress their abilities. But I still truly believe the best anglers are the ones having the most fun. Though I do take guiding fishing serious, it’s still just fishing and should be a fun and enjoyable experience. 

Whether a first time beginner or the most experienced trout angler, we’ll find a way to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

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