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Donnie Wilson

Senior Guide/Photographer

Donnie Wilson Fly Fishing and Hunting Guide - Latitudes

Let’s just say that I live for the outdoors! I grew up in Ohio hunting and fishing with my father like most boys in the midwest. As I grew older, late teens, I took up backpacking and longed to head west. At age 20, myself and two friends drove across the country to see the mountains. We eventually landed in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. We loaded our packs and hiked up into the unknown. After finding a suitable camp, we dropped our packs, and two of us went in search of water. Not long after finding water and heading back towards camp we realized we were lost. We ended up spending most of the night, before being found by search and rescue, cold and without supplies! This was the fuel to my fire!

Fast forward over three decades. I have spent a lot of my adult life obsessively acquiring hunting, fishing, and survival knowledge and skills. One of the things that I most enjoy these days is passing this knowledge onto hunting and fishing clients, along with my two beautiful daughters. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping to spark a fire for the outdoors into someone else. After over 15 years experience as a guide and head guide in Ohio, I crossed paths with Latitudes owner Robert Gary. A few trips to visit Robert later, my wife of more than 25 years and I decided to make Montana our home. My dream of living and working in the mountains was coming true.

My passion for the outdoors also led me to pursue adventure photography and videography. I realized some hunting and fishing adventures may be out of reach for me, but if I worked hard enough, maybe I would be able to follow more fortunate folks on their adventures. My dedication and hard work paid off. I am now a nationally publicized photographer with clients including outdoor brands such as Yeti, Sitka Gear, and Leupold Optics. My images have graced the cover of magazines such as Eastman’s Hunting Journal and many others. Most of the images on this site have been captured on one of my clients adventures. (


These days I find myself either rowing clients down a river, following some hunter on an epic backcountry hunt with a camera, or honestly my favorite, spending time in the outdoors of Montana with my wife and two girls. 

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